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Leylines 04.24 by Jett Pavlica

Leylines 04.24 by Jett Pavlica

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Triptych of three 11.25” x 14.25” with frames. Original art made with metallic & India ink robotically plotted on mineral paper.

The core of my process is an exchange between virtual and physical realities, but I didn’t realize that until I began working on my Leylines algorithm. Before the epiphany, I thought I was designing the appearance of the pixels on my screen. Then, while I was playing around with the sliders in my scrappy UI, I realized that I could compress the form to the left, and the right would be filled in infinitely. The rolling hills continued forever in that generation, one of a mutliverse architected by my algorithm - the screen is merely a window.

Jett Pavlica is a computational artist from Durham, North Carolina. Their work exists at the intersection of art and science, visualizing the output of countless computer programs working harmoniously to color a pixel, project light on the wall, or drag a pen across paper. Classic algorithms, physical simulations, and generative organic forms are frequent areas of exploration.

Jett is a founding member of the Durham Powerful Arts Collective where they design unique digital experiences and community engagement events that celebrate art and creativity within Durham.

You can learn more at their website,, or their Instagram, @contextfreegrammar . 

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