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Dolly Singing ‘World on Fire’ by Alison Green Charchar

Dolly Singing ‘World on Fire’ by Alison Green Charchar

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16” x 20”. Original artwork made with oil paint on canvas. 2023

"This painting depicts a still frame captured from a video of Dolly Parton singing her new song “World on Fire” at the recent 2023 Academy of Country Music Awards. The sound of her imploring her audience to act out of love, and the image of Dolly standing with a billowing skirt with the world painted on it and glowing, fiery lights beneath it, was very powerful to me. The still frame captured a double exposure of two Dolly’s—one more close-up and one from a distance to see the whole scene. The double image of Dolly seemed to show her performer persona as well as her activist/humanitarian larger-than-life persona. She seems to be calling others to action in her song, to help save the world from greed and excess by coming together with love."

Alison Green Charchar is an artist and art therapist working in Wake Forest, NC. She graduated from Pratt Institute with her BFA in Painting in 2002. She went on to graduate school at NYU and received her MA in Art Therapy in 2004. She has since been creating her own artwork as she has practiced as an art therapist in a variety of settings with many different client populations. She joined the Wake Forest Guild of Artists in 2022 and has been working with more focus and energy as a working artist. She enjoys using paints, drawing materials and even sculpture to express a love of color, line and form that evokes aspects of the human spirit and experience. Her work is inspired by life around her: the vibrancy, color and connections of one with their environment. This piece for the Dollyweird show is meant to depict Dolly’s beauty as a performer and as a humanitarian, with her fiery, loving spirit.

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