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Dolly's Imagination Library! by Cassandra J. Rowe

Dolly's Imagination Library! by Cassandra J. Rowe

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20” x 16”. Original artwork made with acrylic and glitter on canvas. 2023

"There's plenty to appreciate about Dolly but I was inspired to create this piece because when my son was born last year, I signed him up for Dolly's Imagination Library and ever since he's received a free book each month, and will continue to until he's 5 years old! I love seeing a book in my mailbox addressed to Cerulean. It's just a great program and I love her for it."

Cassandra is a Durham-based painter, storyteller and creative collaborator. Cassandra has co-facilitated collaborative community projects such as It’s Complicated at the Carrack in 2019 and bear it/bare it/bear witness at the Durham Art Guild in 2022.

Outside of art, Cassandra works as a domestic violence program director. She is also mom to a most spectacular babe.

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