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The Footprints by William Garcia

The Footprints by William Garcia

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22.5” x 18.25”. Found frame, acrylic paint and acrylic polymer. 2023

From William Garcia:

"A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man..." -Don Corleone

This is not the BLUEPRINT, these are “THE FOOTPRINTS." The footprints that carry. The footprints that signify by your side always. The footprints of trust and truth. The Vito “DON” Corleone way.

When I do art I like to get in tune with who it is I'm painting. The Godfather represents family. Family is forever. The LOVE of the family never ceases. My family is the epitome of LOVE. My family is like a wolf pack, when one is missing, it's noticeable. We eat together, we fight with each other, but our blood is thick and our bond is evident. On our tree it's family over everything.

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Event photography by Shoot with Bliss

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