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My First Kiss by Sarah Frankey

My First Kiss by Sarah Frankey

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16” x 12”. Original art made with acrylic paint on canvas. 

Prince’s sexuality spoke to me at a very early age. The first cassette I picked out for my mom to purchase for me was Prince, The Hits II. It contains the songs; Kiss, Cream, Sexy MF, Head, and a lot more for my little mind to wrap around and I connected. I listened to this on the little cassette player we had and loved every minute. I continued to love Prince throughout my life and throughout his ever-changing career. He was, and always will be, my first Kiss.

I enjoy creating art in my spare time, my wife and I have a small business, Frankey Creations. She has authored children’s books and we make tie dye clothing. We watercolor, sketch, sing karaoke together, and encourage each other. Art is a big part of my life.

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