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Purple Reign by Kate Frankey

Purple Reign by Kate Frankey

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17” x 14” with frame. Original art made with watercolor

Prints-4-Prince inspired me to think about what Prince stood for visually, spiritually, and musically. Purple Rain is my favorite Prince song and I love the emotions it invokes in me as well as its meaning of seeking shelter from the world in the love of all of the beauty in it. I wanted to paint Prince performing the song and shining on a background of purple.

I’m Kate Frankey of Durham, NC. I recently got into creating again from writing to tie dying to singing and painting with watercolor. My wife and I own @frankeycreations and we like to create and experience art together as well as our authentic selves. Our website is We aren’t yet very active in the community as far as promoting our books and tie dyes as we are both moms of a three year old little Leonardo. He keeps us on our toes and art is a way for me to feel like myself and express my creativity. Art can be hard for me but I am currently thrilled by the vulnerability it has inspired in me and also scared but excited to give myself a chance. I love art and artists and want everyone to experience it in their own way.

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