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disco daze by Leeman Smith

disco daze by Leeman Smith

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9.5” x 7”. Original art made with linoleum block print on foiled paper

Disco Daze is a series of prints celebrating the fearless style and trailblazing spirit of Prince, an icon who defied gender norms as a feminine male artist. As someone born male and identifying as genderqueer, I find profound inspiration in artists who challenge stereotypes and embrace their authentic selves, and Prince is a paramount example. This print embodies the jubilant essence of queer femininity, the liberation of self-expression, and the euphoria of dancing to extraordinary music.

Hello there! I'm Leeman Smith, a textile artist and illustrator based in Raleigh. My creative journey is fueled by the enchanting tapestry of life and the natural wonders that grace our world. Through my illustrations, I aim to capture the essence of emotions and commemorate the moments that shape my existence.

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