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Smashbox #9, Little Red Corvette by upsnerch

Smashbox #9, Little Red Corvette by upsnerch

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6" x 6.25”. Original art made with red Corvette Matchbox car, wormy butternut, glass, and various hardware. Finished with pure Tung oil.

My smashbox car series increases the value of the ubiquitous play-worn matchbox car. Prince's 1983 song "Little Red Corvette" inspired this particular piece and while my vision was to smash a 1983 corvette, history showed no consumer model was made in 1983! It makes more sense that an older model, like this 1979, may have been on the road when Prince was writing this song. Little Red Smashbox isn't about the pleasures of smashing box, but about the crushed feeling Prince was left with after a one-night stand :(


My work explores the latent value of material. I take things that are discarded or useless and bring forth their value. Sometimes that value is found after cutting apart the object, and sometimes by putting many objects together. The shape and structure of things have a myriad of possibilities that are wasted when taken to landfills. 

On social media, I am @upsnerch, and my website is It's pronounced "up-snAIRch," like "upstairs," which I couldn't pronounce when I was little. Find my work at various art markets in the triangle, most consistently at The Fruit Flea Market in Durham. I have a booth at Finders and Seekers in Pittsboro where I also curate a selection of vintage objects.

I love increasing the lifespan of things-- you can commission me for artwork and help with clean-outs! I'm part of a large network of artists working with found objects. 

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