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Dearly Beloved by BJ Smith

Dearly Beloved by BJ Smith

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30" x 24" with frame. Original art made with hand-cut paper and mixed media on canvas.

The artwork "Dearly Beloved" is a visual homage to Prince and his profound impact on both music and culture. Inspired by the opening lyrics of his iconic song "Let's Go Crazy," the title itself evokes a sense of reverence and nostalgia, encapsulating the essence of Prince's enduring legacy.

In crafting this hand-cut paper portrait, I sought to capture Prince in a moment of contemplation, gazing upward as if in communion with the heavens. This imagery reflects his spiritual depth and the transcendent nature of his artistry. By portraying him in this manner, I aim to convey not just his earthly presence, but also his connection to something greater, echoing themes of spirituality and transcendence often found in his music.

The mixed media background serves as a tapestry of Prince's words, incorporating the iconic lyrics from "Let's Go Crazy." These lyrics, with their poignant reflections on life, death, and the afterworld, underscore Prince's philosophical depth and his unique ability to explore profound themes through his music.

Through "Dearly Beloved," I hope to evoke a sense of reverence and celebration for Prince's enduring spirit. Just as he encouraged us to embrace life with passion and fearlessness, this artwork serves as a reminder of his timeless wisdom and his unwavering commitment to authenticity. In a world where individuality is often stifled, Prince's legacy continues to inspire us to "go crazy" and embrace our true selves, no matter the odds.


Three decades ago, my journey with paper art began with stencils, initially utilitarian tools. In a serendipitous moment, a photograph captured a white paper stencil against a rich green backdrop, revealing the enchantment of paper cutting.

My artistic mission is deeply rooted in a fascination with the human face's intricate character. I am captivated by the transformative power of my craft, where fine lines, wrinkles, and the indelible markers of life's wisdom become profound symbols of beauty. These traces are the footprints of a life authentically lived, and I honor their presence.

I explore these features to unearth the essence of my subjects, revealing their emotions and stories.

Through my art, I invite viewers to perceive faces and objects with fresh eyes, fostering empathy and deeper connections.

My work mirrors the resilience of paper, reflecting the complexity of human existence. I strive to evoke profound emotions through simplicity, inviting appreciation for beauty in imperfection, the poetry in aging, and our shared humanity.

As my artistic journey continues to evolve, so too does my commitment to exploring the intricate tapestry of human expression.

This statement serves as a snapshot of my artistic identity today, a testament to my passion for revealing beauty in the imperfect.

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