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Prince by Rakia Jackson | Black Peace Art

Prince by Rakia Jackson | Black Peace Art

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24" x 12". Original art made with acrylic on canvas.

Inspired by Purple Rain’s cover art but flipping it and making it in my own style.

Rakia Jackson is a visual artist and curator based in Greenville, NC who earned a BFA in Graphic Design from ECU, but essentially embodies the title of a painter and works mainly in acrylic, gouache, and digital painting from an iPad. Her goal within her art is to create, be vulnerable and share in as many spaces as possible because she believes with that kind of movement you can garnish more genuine connections and strengthen diverse communities with the movement through art. As a multifaceted visual artist her concepts are exploring shared reflections of being self aware and present in moments that we as people have experienced at some point. Daily she uses practices of several forms of self care, meditations to reflect, self-heal, and connect and converse with other like minded people and creatives. These practices show through her personal work and series when it comes to the concepts and the approach in creating new pieces. Visually these pieces are organically composed through intuitive decision making and creating new earthly or ethereal environments often featuring black figures in these spaces.

BLACKPEACEART.COM | IG: @theblackpeace_

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