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Alphabet St. by Sarah Frankey

Alphabet St. by Sarah Frankey

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20" x 16" with frame. Original art made with magazines, rubber cement, and water color.

This collage was made entirely from Rolling Stone magazines, cut and arranged precisely to show shading, facial features, and clothes. Prince has inspired artists of many mediums, not only music. Prince (The Hits II) was the very first cassette tape I picked out when my mom allowed me to choose from the music store. His sexuality, lyrics, raw talent, and energy inspired me to not be ashamed of who I was and to show myself through my own art. In art, we inspire and we become inspired. The musicians that were carefully arranged to make Prince are artists who also were likely inspired by him. It’s cyclical, baby.

I enjoy creating art in my spare time, my wife and I have a small business, Frankey Creations. She has authored children’s books and we make tie dye clothing. We watercolor, sketch, sing karaoke together, and encourage each other. Art is a big part of my life.

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