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Stuck to Me by Sarah Rain Hammond

Stuck to Me by Sarah Rain Hammond

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19.25” x 15.25” with frame. Digital illustration.

"I wanted to convey the feeling of being your own worst enemy or trying to avoid the shadow part of yourself. Your shadow self is ever present and is something that should be embraced rather than cast aside."

Sarah Rain Hammond is a Southern illustrator and designer living in Durham, NC. In her meticulously crafted scenes, Sarah aspires to weave countless narratives, both past and future, reimagining personal histories and projecting new possibilities. Her art serves as a portal to explore the intricacies of existence, often delving into the shadows that shape the human experience. Drawing from her personal experiences and the vibrant tapestry of Louisiana and Central Mississippi, Sarah's art is imbued with a sense of place and culture. Her imagery reflects the rich landscapes, diverse histories, and unique stories that have shaped her perspective.

“I find inspiration in reshaping our perception of darkness. Rather than fear, I see it as a soft, enveloping force, akin to the comforting texture of velvet. In my art, I strive to convey the beauty and depth found in this contrast of darkness and softness, exploring the intricate complexities and ethereal allure it offers.”

You can find her work on Instagram or at

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