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Cup of Ambition by Kirsten Weeks

Cup of Ambition by Kirsten Weeks

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24” x 24”. Original artwork made with mixed media collage on canvas. 2023

"Cup of Ambition references a classic line from Dolly’s 9 to 5 song. She sings the song with a mixture of joy and perseverance–unafraid to be positively ambitious in her goals. This collage aims to reflect that positive ambition with a blend of bright and joyful colors – much like Dolly’s music and personality and layers of paint, gelli prints, manipulated photos of Dolly. Weaving together colors that represent the bright joy of Dolly, her chosen symbol the butterfly, and a nod to her music itself with the incorporation of a 45 record.

I am an abstract artist and collage enthusiast based in Durham, North Carolina. I work in Global Public Health and thanks to this, I’ve lived in Atlanta, New York, Washington, DC, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Gaborone (Botswana), Santo Domingo (the Dominican Republic), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Reynosa (Mexico). Most of these places have been urban environments with a chaotic blend of poverty, wealth, violence, safety, tragedy, hope, ugliness, and beauty. Living in these communities has taught me that within this chaos there are also amazing and complex human relationships, power dynamics, patterns (both social and visual), beauty, and joy. I’m passionate about exploring these aspects of chaos–disruption, creativity, and beauty in my work and in my life."

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