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DOLLY-DOLLY by William, Isabella, and Zion Garcia

DOLLY-DOLLY by William, Isabella, and Zion Garcia

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72” x 72”. Original artwork made with acrylic paint and rhinestones on canvas. 2023

"We’re a family of 5. I’ve always loved creating but I decided to get serious about it in 2022. I set a resolution of 50 paintings. When I started my kids automatically wanted to do it with me. As soon as I saw the vibrancy and abstraction they brought to what I did, it clicked. I love stencil work and weird color full work. I love paintings with messages. Some of my favorite artists are: MY SON ZION, BANKSY, BASQUIAT, WARHOL & KEITH HARRING. It’s my creative mind clicking with my kids creative mind. They bring my art to life with theirs."

Find them on Instagram @rico.paints

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