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Dollyweirdness by Frances Berry and Captain James Stovall

Dollyweirdness by Frances Berry and Captain James Stovall

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Based in Memphis, Tennessee for the past twelve years, Frances started her artistic career as a photographer. Midway through her masters degree at the Memphis College of Art, she discarded all of her cameras and slowly evolved into the remarkable mixed media artist presented to you today.


"I’ve wanted to be an artist since I had cognitive thought. I’ve always wanted to be an artist because everything I’ve ever felt or seen or done or experienced, I’ve wanted to share with somebody. We all feel things that cannot be put into words. While I do not think everyone is an artist (I’m not one of those people because I’ve dedicated my life to this), I do believe that everybody has artistic tendencies. Everybody wants to create, and what comes out of that, who knows."

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Capt. James Stovall V was born and raised in Altadena, CA. He is a self-taught artist, husband, father, and former rock-paper-scissors champion. Stovall’s interest in art as a kid led him to attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia where he studied advertising, before transferring to the San Diego campus where he eventually dropped out to pursue his practice in 2013. Stovall’s free flowing style pushes the joy of making to the forefront as lived experience and history are used as catalyst to disrupt the preciousness of traditional forms. Using line work, written text, and expressive brush strokes to question the difference between a drawing and a painting, or a finished or unfinished work.

Currently Stovall is exploring theatrical sculpture and sound to create environments that live beyond canvas with the intentions of maturing his practice as he strives to, “embrace the spirit of change that calls us all the deepen our awareness, to intensify our commitment to art as the practice of freedom”, Bell Hooks, Art on my Mind page 144.

Stovall has created live performances, mural work , participated in solo and group exhibitions, and completed residencies including NXTHVN, Rokeby Lab at the Rokeby Museum, AB180, and Arts Letters and Numbers.

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