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Prince by Heather Eck

Prince by Heather Eck

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14" x 11" with frame. Original art made with acrylic on canvas 

In my homage to Prince, I've reimagined his iconic album cover, enveloping him in a an array of healing purples inspired by a serendipitous encounter with Prince in the afterlife. Guided by my intuitive impressions, I've captured the essence of "Purple Rain" and the electric chords that defined his legacy painting him entirely in purple.

Indigo and violet strokes come together and embody the playful spirit of Prince's 'BOO!' in every layer. This artwork transcends portraiture, embracing his unapologetic authenticity. Each carefully chosen hue tells a story of resilience, individuality, and the pursuit of creative truth.This isn't just a visual representation; it's a spiritual collaboration with a musical icon. It invites viewers to feel the rhythm, embrace bold self-expression, and bask in the healing vibrations of purple – a color that reaches into the mysterious and wonderful Universe. 

HEATHER ECK is a multimedia abstract artist, writer and podcast guest on the intersection of color, art and spirituality. An intuitive artist and painter, Heather interprets people, places, and experiences through color, a condition known as synesthesia. Like an enormous box of crayons, her gift operates by categorizing through intricate but specific shades of color. While this condition enables her to experience color, she responds to these encounters with people, things, emotions, and spaces by understanding the particular shade of experience that a person dwells in. She uses her gift to detect the most healing color for them to remedy their wounds. Guided by the chakra system and inspired by spirituality and the mysteries of the universe, Heather transforms these vibrant energies into captivating paintings that uplift and inspire and ultimately, heal. Her favorite thing to do is to paint "Spirit Portraits" of the colors she sees for people!

Each canvas becomes a symphony of color and emotion, a visual representation of the unseen connections that weave through our lives. Heather's work is more than art; it's a medium of healing, a testament to the profound influence of color on our well-being. You can find Heather's most recent work on Insta @heathereckartist and shop by color and emotion at 

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